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Game Changing Diet and Fitness Secrets (Hint: It’s in your genes)

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Game Changing Diet and Fitness Secrets

(Hint: It’s in your genes)

We’ve all been there. Trying diet after diet only to end up frustrated because the only thing lighter is our wallet. We call it Blind Dieting – trying any and every diet in a fruitless effort to discover the “right one”.

Well we have finally discovered the secret to lose up to two and a half times the weight and get fit faster by eating and exercising right for your genetic type.

This is for you if two or more members of your family are overweight, obese or battle with their weight, if you’re constantly thinking about food, if you feel like you have to work really hard to lose weight, or you can’t lose weight at all.

This is for you if you struggle with your weight or even if you don’t and you just want to be optimally healthy.

If you have a difficult time controlling yourself around foods you really like, you’re exercising regularly but you feel like you’re not seeing the results that you should, you might be saying, “Yes, check that. That’s me.”

If you are sick of guessing and wasting money, time and heartache on things that aren’t’ working you should know that

Following a one-size-fits-all diet will set you up to fail at least 75% of the time

Shocker right?

You have your own wellness blueprint – it’s hard coded in your genes.

Genetics impact your eating behavior traits and you need strategies you can use right now to overcome them.

Forget about relying on willpower, it’s useless.

Genetics are the foundation that all of these other things come from. This is where it starts. We talk about customizing diets and lifestyle. When it comes down to it, there’s only one place you must customize. The start comes from your genes.

If you don’t like vegetables this could be in your genes. Did you know that?

Your genes don’t have to be your destiny.

Genes load the gun but lifestyle pulls the trigger. The big thing is that you can keep your genes from being your destiny

What are genes? Genes hold the information to build and maintain an organism’s cells and to pass those genetic traits on to your offspring. Genes are your blueprint. What’s interesting about genes is how you turn them on or off. Think of genes as things that have switches. Just because you have a cancer gene doesn’t mean you’re going to get cancer. Every gene has a switch on it. The process of switching the gene on is epigenetics. It’s gene expression. What’s interesting is that we can pass the shifts on our genes as well.

You’re stressed when you’re pregnant. You switch on certain genes. Flipping the lights on those genes gets passed on to your kid. It is important to understand which genes you have and what you can do to make sure you keep the bad genes switched off and the good genes switched on. That’s good for us.

When you combine this idea of epigenetics, gene expression, with targeted diet and lifestyle strategies, your genetics don’t have to be your destiny.

Spider-Man, “With great power comes great responsibility.” I see this as great power that you can do something amazing with. First you have to know.

You start changing your genetic expression with a fork.

The number one thing you can do to positively impact your genes is to fix what’s on the end of your fork. There are some obvious things. It is said that food is information. You want to make sure that the information your food is giving your body is to burn fat, build muscle, switch off the bad genes that could put you at risk for heart disease, cancer and diabetes and switch on the anti-aging genes.

Here’s where 20 Dishes comes in. We’re offering you the #1 secret to success – Our 20DNA Eating & Exercise Loss Profile, a report that offers specific insight into how to customize your diet, exercise and nutrient intake to accelerate your weight loss and fitness goals, almost effortlessly! You also get access to our patent-pending customizable meal planner so that you can take control of your diet effortlessly.

Now you may be saying: “I can’t do anything about my genetics, can I?”

Well, it’s true that you can’t actually change your underlying genetics (not yet anyway), but the good news is that you most definitely CAN change your behaviors in very specific ways to MODIFY the way that your genes are expressed.

And the really good news is that the 20 Dishes™ 20DNA Eating & Exercise Profile provides you with detailed guidance and specific strategies so that you can conquer your cravings, hunger, and stubborn weight loss resistance once and for all.

This means that your genes are NOT your destiny!

Want to see what you can find out? Grab your FREE DNA Special Report

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