Nominate Your Favorite Blogger :: The 20 Dishes 2017 Top 25 Real Food Blogger List - Real Meal Plans

Nominate Your Favorite Blogger :: The 20 Dishes 2017 Top 25 Real Food Blogger List

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Nominate Your Favorite Blogger :: The 20 Dishes 2017 Top 25 Real Food Blogger List //

Here at 20 Dishes, Kelly, Orleatha, and I (Jessica) love real food and are passionate about spreading knowledge about real food and healthy eating across the world. With chronic illness on the rise every year, helping people eat better is critical to our future. Many of today’s chronic illnesses are largely preventable with good nutrition and healthy lifestyles.

Unfortunately, this is an area that we, as a culture, have really lost touch with. So many people don’t have the first inkling about what constitutes good nutrition and healthy living. It’s not something that we are typically taught as children and we have been fed bucket after bucket of lies from the powers that be as to what healthy eating is (think margarine instead of butter as just one example). It’s no wonder we are in the health crisis that we are.

The three of us know that we alone can’t bring about the dramatic change that we are seeking. There truly is power in numbers — this is the kind of change that takes a village. And what a village the Internet has created! When you go online, there are thousands of amazing real food and natural living bloggers all doing their part to improve the health of our world. Today, we are asking for YOUR help.

We are launching the first annual 20 Dishes Top 25 Real Food Blogger List, which will feature 25 of your favorite paleo, AIP, vegetarian, gluten-free, and real food bloggers and we would love to know who you think is leading the charge in these areas through their work online. Please use the form below to nominate all of your favorites.

You can nominate up to 5 blogs per category. We will be collecting responses through April 30th. Nominees will be announced shortly thereafter so stay tuned!


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